A Night At The Fair!

A Night At The Fair!

Last week we spent an evening at the Solano County Fair. What the heck? Two fairs this summer, Stubbert Family? I know…who are we?!?! Well, we have discovered that we truly love the entire fair experience and have been seeking them out wherever and whenever. This was our first time at the Solano County Fair and we had a great time.

^^^But first, a photo in a full SWAT vest with my favorite vehicle of all time, an armored SWAT tank with a gun turret in the top. I have wanted one of these for YEARS. Too bad they start at $450K…

^^^Pretty right?
^^^The fair is always more fun with friends. Thanks Amelia for being an honorary Stubbert for the evening!

This time we restrained ourselves with fair food and only consumed the largest corn dog I have ever seen (nearly the size of my forearm), cotton candy, strawberry lemonade freezes and two large funnel cakes. The funnel cakes were out of this world. One was  cake with bavarian creme and ice cream in the center drizzled with chocolate syrup and caramel and the other was just topped with ice cream and caramel. There are no photos of these because we ate them too quickly. FUNNEL CAKE FOR THE WIN!!!!

^^^My younger two kids are somewhere in that spinny thing with their dad!

We hit a few rides and walked around people watching. Trust me, fair ground people watching is where it is at :).

^^^These small people are not to be trusted…
^^^Why yes. I want more goldfish in my life…

We also took $5 and threw 25 balls in cups of water to try to win more goldfish. Have I told you my goldfish story yet? No??? Well, about eight years ago I bought two goldfish at some pet store or Walmart (I honestly can’t remember) for my son who was six at the time. Those ridiculous goldfish are now EIGHT YEARS OLD and the size of my hand. No joke. I will post about them another time but they are huge and have definite personalities and are now on their fifth tank. FIVE tanks for these things. So…anyway. We love our goldfish and find them to be entertaining and so we figured, why not try to win more goldfish? We really didn’t think we would but lo and behold, we walked away from the fair with FOUR new goldfish. One died in less than 24 hours but the other three are going strong and now live in the same tank with the giant koi…er…goldfish. That is the short version of my goldfish story :).

Thanks Solano Fair for a great night! We will be back next year!












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