Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Recently ICN Buys reached out to me and asked if I would like to try one of their desktop zen gardens. This was an easy “YES!” on my part. I have been fascinated with zen gardens since I was a little girl. Typically a zen garden is comprised of carefully arranged dry landscape (sand, rocks, gravel or sand) in an effort to stimulate calm meditation. To learn more about the history of zen gardens read this and this.

^^^All of the components were nicely packaged and easy to set up.

In the absence of backyard space to create my very own zen garden, a mini tabletop garden is the next best thing. We have had a lot of fun as a family styling this at home. My daughter Sophie has proclaimed that the garden makes her feel peaceful and now it lives in her room :).

Once I got everything out of the box, I laid out all of the supplies. The sand was double bagged and is super fine. Next, I poured out the sand into the tray to smooth and then rake.

Once everything was raked it was time to set the pieces in whatever manner felt most calming and inspiring.

^^^So pretty!

That’s it! So simple and so relaxing.

If you are looking to create a peaceful corner in your home (whether that is a house, apartment, dorm room, bedroom, RV) think about getting a tabletop zen garden. We are all stressed out ALL the time, right? We are always scheduling, texting, calling, emailing, running, driving all over the place all the time every day FULL STOP. Right?! So why not take a few minutes and rake a little white sand, place a bridge or a plant and just let your mind wander. This little zen garden had such a surprising effect on my four kids! They calmed down immediately, put away their phones and papers and just moved pieces around the raked sand. Honestly, it chilled each of them out. For that reason ALONE I am a zen garden convert :).

I found the folks at ICN Buys really easy to communicate and work with. Shipping was prompt and the packaging for all of these items was pretty impressive. Take a look at their Amazon page to see the 24 different styles of zen gardens they offer. There is something for everyone! Thank you ICN Buys for introducing me to tabletop zen gardens!

*This post is sponsored by ICN Buys. They kindly provided me with product to review in exchange for my honest feedback. All opinions expressed above are my own. I only work with brands that I believe in and that I feel will be appreciated and enjoyed by others!


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