Thanksgiving 2017 in the Redwoods

Thanksgiving 2017 in the Redwoods

As has become our tradition, we Thanksgiving-ed HARD at our favorite place in the redwoods, Camp Liahona Redwoods. We look forward to this week all year and each year is better than the last. It is an opportunity to be completely disconnected from the WiFi world (and ALL that implies) as well as a break from daily home/school/work responsibilities. The lodge and cabins are nestled in an absolutely silent, lush section of the redwoods. The air is clean and clear. Food tastes better and I swear I sleep SO well every time we are there.

^^^Calm, quiet, lush and beautiful.

We have developed some tried and true traditions: a full turkey and ham dinner, Abuelita hot chocolate, epic card games, coloring pages and messy crafts, trips to the coast, family talent shows and softball games to name just a few. Each time we go, we add a few more favorites to the list.


^^^In my happy place, inadvertantly dressed as a lumberjack.
^^^More Fall Feet!

^^^Simon and Smiles.
^^^From left: Kyle, Thomas, Simon and Smiles after plunging into very cold water. They have some good stories about this one πŸ™‚

Each time we have gone to Camp Liahona we have traveled with our family/friends the Clawsons. This year we added in a few of Thomas’s college buddies who proved to be excellent additions to our crazy crew. Sophie was especially happy to have Smiles along who loves rock climbing even more than she does. Hearing all of these guys yelling encouragement to her was one of my favorite memories of the week. It was also the first time Sadie and Seb have tried climbing and they did great.

^^^Smiles helping Sophie navigate the lip.

^^^Sophie worked hard for this!

This year we added a more robust hot chocolate bar (on wheels, no less, for supreme portability!), boys jumping in the freezing cold river, epic softball games, Liz jumping into the ocean for $50, a legendary Jenga game made with two Jenga sets that Sam proudly won, incredibly loooooooong games of Railroad Baron and Acquire, multiple games of Banana Grams and Taboo (which was entirely too stressful to be played late at night!), the most fantastic throwdown karaoke version of “Ice Ice Baby” starring a dueling Emma and Sam, long talks, big sleeps, really big meals and a lot of truly relaxing fun.

^^^Our light filled lodge πŸ™‚
^^^So much food that we consumed ALL of.
^^^Sophie and Liz with the very important hot chocolate bar in the background πŸ™‚

^^^”Ice Ice Baby” throwdown was epic in every way. SERIOUS.
^^^Blurry but relaxed

We took a chunk of time during the week to visit the coast, specifically the Sea Ranch area. This is typically a place where the skies and water are moody; it isn’t really known for bright blue skies, at least during this time of the year. This landscape, however, is my favorite kind. It was cool and breezy and the water was COLD.

^^^Sea Ranch

I love the coast so much. I know that Southern California has gorgeous beaches but I will take my moody Northern California beaches any day over those warmer ones. These are the beaches that reflect my soul best. I am always so happy here. I could sit on the shore all day long just watching the landscape change…provided I have a blanket or hoodie and maybe a snack :).

^^^Liz, right after she jumped into the ocean for $50. It was totally worth it πŸ™‚
^^^Sophie…plotting and planning.
^^^Thomas, Kyle and Simon

^^^These two πŸ™‚

Thanksgiving 2017 was another fabulous time spent together with some of our favorite people at a favorite place. We are already looking forward to next year!



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