Perfectly Port Costa

Perfectly Port Costa
The Theatre of Dreams shop on mainstreet Port Costa.

Roughly 25 minutes from my home lies the most unique treasure of a tiny town. Port Costa is unlike any place else I have ever seen. It looks like the backdrop of a movie set…like if the movie was about a place that time forgot and the residents are all super eclectic and warm and interesting. A place where the few shops and bakeries are open perhaps every Wednesday from 1-4 PM and that’s it. Each time I visit I am amazed that this place hasn’t become crazy famous. For a town that boasts only 190 people (according to the last census of 2010), Port Costa is bursting at the seams with character and personality.


The prettiest alley I ever did see…
I think I was waxing poetic about the strands of lights. Or something like that…


The photo above is of an olive tree at one end of town that residents (and visitors) have tied tags to with their wishes. Some of the wishes are written in crayon, some in pencil, all are heartfelt. The tree is also wrapped in twinkle lights and it is stunning at dusk.

Our friend Steve and my husband Sam also really like Port Costa. I mean, who wouldn’t?!

Port Costa is home to my favorite restaurant, the Bull Valley Roadhouse. The food is the most inventive I’ve ever tasted and the restaurant is set in a Victorian-era saloon. If you are ever in the Bay Area, this place is worth the trip.



The entrance to Bull Valley Roadhouse


Port Costa, you have my heart.





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