Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

You guys. Today was a good day. It came smack dab in the middle of a four day vacation (thank you for that), so we were all relaxed and well rested. I slept in. Church was wonderful. I wore this new dress from Anthropologie, which ALWAYS makes my heart sing. Our dinner was off the hook delicious – burgers with bacon and homemade guacamole, seasoned fries and iced herbal tea. The guac was probably my best guac in the history of ever. I oiled my butcher block counter top which was notable because it is only possible when the entire kitchen island is clean. SO…noteworthy news, right? The sun was warm and the breeze perfect. Summer has begun and I am thrilled about it. Our kids are desperate for school to end and I am right there with them.


I hope your Sunday was equal parts relaxing, inspiring and tasty. Here’s to a fresh new week and a brand new month!

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