Erickson Ranch – “Where Fresh is a Destination”

Erickson Ranch – “Where Fresh is a Destination”

I recently heard of a gem located near us called Erickson Ranch. The photos on Instagram and my subsequent reading of their website made me determined to go and visit this little oasis. I grabbed my camera and headed over there one Saturday morning and wandered around the property. NOTE: Erickson Ranch is only open on the weekends, hence my Saturday strolling :).

^^^Pretty dreamy, right?!

Erickson Ranch was purchased back in 1958 and has been family owned the whole time. Today they primarily grow peaches, nectarines, pomegranates and figs. In addition to fruit there are lots of wild flowers, grapes and beautiful Dahlias on the property.

I found some amazing jam for sale and bought it on the spot. I love satsuma!

There is also this sweet chili roasting station on the property. I am told that the ranch does chili roasting in September so we will be back for sure.

Here are a list of events coming up for the next few months at Erickson Ranch. Click here for more in depth photos of Erickson Ranch, the jam making process and fruit harvest (these photos are from their official website).

I loved how close Erickson Ranch is to our home but how remote it feels once you are out there. It is peaceful and beautiful; truly like a little oasis in a busy Bay Area. I also make it a point to support our local ranches and farms here in the area. I would rather buy produce from a local place like Larry’s Produce or Erickson Ranch because I see how much the family has invested in their product and I like putting resources/cash back into our community. If you have time on a Saturday or Sunday please make your way over there!


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