Christmas at Home

Christmas at Home

We love Christmastime in our home. We try hard to stave off the crazy Christmas feelings of neeeeeeeeding to decorate as soon as it gets cold (which sometimes happens around here in mid-October. NOT Christmas decorating time at all) and the best we can do is waiting until the first week in November.

^^^Orange/reddish ornament made by me, polar bear from Target.

^^^Felt ball garland on stairs from Michaels – it is two lengths attached together.
^^^These ombre glitter bottle brush trees are from Target in the dollar bin section! I hot glued these to a white ceramic cake stand and interspersed some faux greenery and BAM – kitchen table centerpiece.

Sorry. We have a lot of strengths but holding out for Christmas decorating is NOT one of them. The twinkling lights, the nine-foot tree, the garlands and ornaments and pine cones and ALL OF IT just makes us happy. Add to that the cornucopia of Christmas season smelly candles and this place becomes a straight up happy wonderland. PLUS. The baking. The pies. Cookies. Brownies. ALLLLLLL of the treats. Simon randomly made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies this past Saturday and it was like we all lost our minds. Anyway…

^^^Merry and bright…

^^^This is my all time favorite ornament: a vintage candy dish from my grandma. I love it more than any of the rest of my ornaments…and I’ve got A LOT of ornaments…

We love Christmas over here and I thought I would share a few shots of what Christmas looks like in our home this year. I love being able to look back over the past ten years we have been in this house and see what changes we have made, how my styles have changed, etc.  One thing I have done for the past few years is have strand of larger, white bulbs wound close to the inside of the tree with smaller white twinkle lights wrapped around all of the outside. It gives the appearance of the tree almost glowing from within.

^^^Tutorial coming soon on these pompom ornaments I made over Thanksgiving.

The mantle in our front room is always reserved for the Christus and all of our nativities. I am partial to nativities where Mary is actually holding her baby; it feels so much more natural and maternal to see that relationship represented. I keep the focus on the nativities and fill in with some garland, white lights and a few pine cones.

^^^Lladro Mary and Jesus

How about you? When do you put up your Christmas tree? What are your favorite family decorations and decorating traditions? Do you ever mix it up and completely change it around? My kids have been asking for a few years to have colored lights on the Christmas tree and I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. My theory is the white lights balance out the very colorful ornaments and I NEED that balance. I’m also fascinated by flocked trees; I love the look but am I willing to commit to that?

MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy decorating!


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