Autumn on the Porch

Autumn on the Porch

Welcome autumn! To be perfectly honest, it is still TOO hot here in our corner of the Bay Area. Highs are still topping out in the mid 80’s although our evenings are breezy and almost cold. I am impatiently waiting for that glorious crisp air that accompanies the change in the calendar. I know it is coming…but I wish it would come FASTER.

^^^Large blue pot to the left of my front door is from Home Depot, twinkle lights from Cost Plus World Market.

^^^Stacks of fairy tale pumpkins…

Fall is my favorite season. I get my aforementioned crisp air, rain, all of the cardigans and hoodies and boots (all hail boots!!), hot chocolate, RAIN, nightly viewing of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogies with my family, pumpkin spiced everything, shorter days and longer nights…the list goes on and on. In an effort to make my home match the season and hopefully cooler weather, I made a few updates to our front porch.

^^^See that metal duck with the pretty patina? It belonged to my parents when they still had their house back in Northern Virginia. I love that it spends all of its time on my front porch now.

Lots of succulents, white twinkle lights (those are up year round because, hello, TWINKLE LIGHTS) and a bunch of fairy tale pumpkins and we are complete. I’ve never been one to do the scary Halloween decorations (not my style) so this type of autumn flavor is the most anyone is going to get from me!

Have you started stacking pumpkins by your front door? There is still time – go get your autumn on!!! Happy Fall!


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