ADELE in Concert

ADELE in Concert


Last December, I turned in all seriousness to my husband and said, “Hon, somehow we have GOT to get tickets to see Adele in concert”.ย  I know how rarely she tours and knew that this might be my one chance to see a legend.

We got tickets. On the floor. For the one night only show in Oakland on August 2nd.

With our good friends Al and Elise. Why am I so short?? And look at how close we were!

I seriously thought about this concert for 8 months. And finally, on August 2nd I got to go.

No lie, it was the best concert I have EVER SEEN.

What you can’t see in this video is me FREAKING OUT!

I’m not sure how it is possible but Adele sounds even better live than on a recording. Somehow, that enormous voice of hers just can’t be contained on a recording and has to be heard live and in person to be fully appreciated.



Singing with the audience. Or more like the audience trying to sing with her ๐Ÿ™‚

There was no opening act. Just Adele singing for 2 hours. She is incredible. I was pinching myself all night that not only was I there hearing her live but I was SO CLOSE. We were actually seated right next to the secondary stage out in the audience where she opened the show. At one point midway through her set, she walked off the mainstage, down the aisle and RIGHT past us back to the secondary stage. I was like five feet from her!

This was a bucketlist concert experience for me. I’m so grateful we were able to attend and very grateful to our friend Alan who scored these impossible tickets for us.









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