Tour Tuesday: Tiny Office Update

Tour Tuesday: Tiny Office Update

Remember my Tiny Office post from like a month ago? Well, I’ve made a few more updates and thought I would share.

People are generally fascinated by living and working in tiny spaces and I am no exception. While I am fortunate to live in a good sized house, my office is extremely tiny. For the time being, that is how it has worked out with space considerations but honestly, I really like it. There is only room for me and my things (making it unnecessary to share space with anyone else in my house). I have everything I need to do my work PLUS the decor makes me happy. But I have noticed that visitors to our house are super intrigued by what kind of space is behind my office door – it’s that tiny living fascination!

So…a few updates since my earlier post.

Number 1: I painted my office door both inside and outside. From the inside of my office it gives a little extra interest but from the outside (my closet/office faces out into our living room) the painted door provides a focal point to the overall room. All of the interior doors in our house are white so I felt like I was going out on a design limb when I painted this. I didn’t talk it over with anyone in the house, I just did it and hoped for the best. Luckily everyone likes it!

^^^I painted the ‘Home’ sign over my office at an Anthropologie workshop. To see more about how I did it check out my post here.

The paint on the door is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence. I haven’t sealed it with poly or wax yet and I am debating if I even want to. The chalk paint has a soft matte finish and I love the way it feels. Annie Sloan paint is my go to for all painting needs and this color is featured prominently in our kitchen as well. The wreath is a faux olive wreath from Cost Plus World Market. It is a great year round wreath and goes well with our decor.

Number 2: I removed the strand of lights and instead hung these colorful felt ball garlands, again from Cost Plus World Market. The office is SO very tiny and those lights were really heating the place up. I have a great overhead light and then a desk lamp if necessary so the strand of lights felt like overkill. I am liking the felt garlands a lot more.

Number 3: I switched out my standard black office swivel chair for a white quilted VELVET swivel chair. I mean…right?! The back is higher than my old chair which forces me to have good posture (very important) but I bought it purely for aesthetic reasons :). I found this chair at my local TJ Maxx and unfortunately after scouring the TJ Maxx website I was not able to find mine. Here is one that is similar to mine.

^^^Reclaimed wood wallpaper from Target. Super easy to install and makes a huge impact.

And there you have it! It’s not much but in such a small (tiny) space there isn’t much else needed. I am happy with my productivity level, my comfort and my aesthetic surroundings. I am considering this office a WIN!

Now how about you? Do you work in a tiny office? Have you carved out a nook for reading or working or crafting in your home? Have you found a way to repurpose a closet into something grander and more useful? If so I would love to know about it!





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