Tour Tuesday: Master Bath Partial Remodel

Tour Tuesday: Master Bath Partial Remodel

Today’s Tour Tuesday takes place in my very own Master Bathroom! Wahoooooo! So, a little background: we purchased our home a little over ten years ago but the house was built in 2001. While we have updated lots of things in our house over the years we have never done anything to our bathroom other than occasional cosmetic changes and updating the tile when we originally moved in. The vanity, mirror, counter and faucets are all original builders grade and definitely nothing special. We have a large soaking tub and modest sized shower and eventually we would really like to flip those adjectives for the opposite fixtures! The tub was great when we had multiple little kids bathing at once but we never use it now, while we would love to at least double the size of our current shower. BUT I digress. This post is not about the tub and shower. It IS about the gorgeous new vanity and fixtures we had installed last week.

Here is a photo of the original space the day of demo. These are builders grade cabinets that went in when the house was built in 2001 with an annoying cutout in the middle (hello, we need more storage not less). The cabinet to the right of the vanity was an add on that I grabbed at a thrift shop years ago for more storage…because that cutout was NOT cutting it…
Bathroom demo’d and ready for install.

We hired our friend Brandon, a fantastic and careful contractor, to do the job. He demo’d the original vanity and redid some of the plumbing, sheetrock patching and tile work; the large vanity mirror that once hung on the wall moved into Sophie’s room. We got rid of a TON of stuff that had been living in various bins and baskets and drawers. Redoing a bathroom is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff; it was actually really liberating.

Our new vanity cabinet is made by Design Element and is called the London. We decided to keep the length of the original-to-the-house cabinet length of 84″. I was looking for a cabinet with really clean and classic lines that was also white. This included a carrara marble counter with double deep sinks and a framed white mirror to match the cabinet. I am completely obsessed with this countertop and now want all surfaces of my house to be carrara marble. OK, at least all counter surfaces. SO PRETTY.

Faucet is Kohler “Lilyfield” in brushed nickel, succulent plant from Home Goods, paint is Behr “Sailors Bay” Blue purchased from Lowes.

In choosing our faucets, I again went with clean lines and a brushed nickel finish. Our contractor suggested it was hard to go wrong with Kohler and luckily, the faucet I liked the most was by Kohler. We chose the “Lilyfield” model and we love it. I don’t typically go around buying faucets but if I need to buy another bathroom faucet it will be this one.

Rug is from Cost Plus World Market and while I can’t find the same one online to link, this one is a similar print…

I chose a new runner from Cost Plus World Market and held it in place with rug runner tape.Β  The rug was a total impulse buy; as soon as I saw it a huge smile errupted on my face because THIS was exactly what I had been looking for and didn’t know where to find it. It is ridiculous how happy beautiful rugs make me (or any unique textile for that matter) but I drove away from World Market with this in my backseat and was SO darn excited. Some girls like diamonds, I like rugs. What can I say. In some ways, the rug love is a more expensive problem to have πŸ™‚

View walking into the bathroom from the bedroom.

I was actually surprised at how well everything we already had and everything we purchased pulled together in a perfect whole. The reclaimed wood wallpaper was installed two years ago and is a favorite feature of mine in our bathroom. The marble plays perfectly with it as well as the rug. Such a happy marriage!


The Devine Reclaimed Wood wallpaper from Target and worth every penny as far as design impact. The framed print is a reproduction of a Moroccan travel poster that I found at World Market; frame found at Michaels. The hanging lanterns are from World Market and TJ Maxx over the years. Plant is from Project 62 at Target and the glass bottles grouped on the side of the tub are all vintage and from various flea markets and thrift shops over the last 20 years.

The whole room feels so much lighter and airier now. Even better, we have a lot smarter storage than in the past. For now, we have a large box in our closet with things we haven’t moved back into the bathroom yet; we are waiting to see what we actually use/need and if we don’t reach for it in the next week or two it will either get tossed, donated or housed somewhere else in the house. I’m breathing easier just knowing the cabinet won’t get so cluttered. New cabinets are also a nice excuse to freshen up towels and washcloths so I added a few of those as well.

See the happy lady in the mirror taking photos?!

The print above is in our toilet room and is actually a glossy, embossed canvas that is cooler than it appears in photos. I love it. I carried the wallpaper through to this room when I did the main bathroom two years ago. Potted faux greens from Ikea, canvas print purchased from Home Goods about six months ago.

I made the curtain to our closet from Kantha pieces at Pottery Barn. The window is vintage from a friend years ago. And that is a new white towel hanging, basically begging me to take a hot shower and put on my jammies πŸ˜‰

I realize this isn’t a HUGE bathroom remodel but for us it felt as good as one. It brought us storage and style and some much enjoyed updates. We only lived without our sinks for two days and were still able to use the rest of our bathroom, which was great. Our contractor was awesome to work with which always makes renovations easier. The products we installed were exactly as advertised and we are so happy with everything we did. Changing out a vanity and sinks like we did was a shot of joy for our home and our master bed/bath. We are SO glad that we did it.

Let me know if you have any questions about products; I’m happy to help!













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