Tiny Office Reveal

Tiny Office Reveal

I basically have the tiniest office known to man. But it is ALL MINE. When you are a mom with a house full of kids, it’s hard to feel like any part of your house is actually YOURS. You know what I mean? We had this closet under the stairs that we had used as a coat closet, then a utility closet, then it became a tiny kitchen playhouse for our younger two kids, then a shoe and backpack closet…and then one day I was like, “WAIT. I could turn that space into my office!” At the time I was working as a copy editor and also doing administrative/research work for the company that my husband is a partner in. I needed silence. I needed to be able to close the door to children and work in peace. I was tired of having my office nook in my bedroom because I would lay in bed at night and see the pile of work on my desk and just feel STRESSED. If you can help it, never have your work space in your bedroom. It makes for some terrible sleep patterns. So I bit the bullet and decided to outfit this tiny space into my office. Cue the Harry Potter jokes now…

^^^Faux succulent from Target

I hung reclaimed wood wall paper from Target (I have used this wall paper in other rooms in our house and LOVE it) to give the space more of a feel. Then I hung a few metal organizers and baskets, also from Target. I organized all of my pencils, pens, markers and colored pencils in blue mason jars. These are all off limits to my children and are so nicely organized it makes my heart sing. My desk is also from Target from several years ago. Basically, Target it my go to source for most things.

^^^See that watercolor painting? That is a custom portrait of me and my four best friends, done by the insanely talented Sophie and Lili. I LOVE it.



^^^The photos on the wall are among my favorite images from our trip to Morocco in 2015. These are from the night we spent in the Sahara Desert.

I have two laptops. My husband mounted a 23″ monitor on the wall and set the laptops on a stand, then hooked up a keyboard. Having this big monitor is SO nice. I then mounted a long electrical strip on the wall with all of my plug ins plus an external USB port. The strip sits just above my desk and is so much handier than having it down on the floor where it used to be. Having things at desk height makes it way more likely that I will charge and use all of my equipment when I actually need it.

I yarn bombed part of my desk lamp because it makes me happy. Enough said :).

^^^That tiny fan keeps the air moving in my little closet and keeps me alive when the door is closed πŸ™‚
^^^Framed floral print from Hobby Lobby. I tried to find it online to link to it but no such luck. Sorry!

This is such a tiny space that it is difficult to take good photos in here. But trust me when I say that it has just enough color and light for it to work. All of my necessary equipment for work and this blog is housed in here. Supplies needed to administratively run our household are in here. I am able to stay focused and write or research for hours if need be. Best of all, there is a door that I can close at the end of the day and NOT think about work. I am toying with the idea of putting in a door with a glass panel to let in a bit more light but the jury is still out on that. I’m sure there are other improvements I could make but for right now, I am satisfied with how well this space suits me.

^^^Now you can really see how tiny this space is with ME in it!

Do you have a tiny office? Or even a small office? How do you make it work? I would love to know! All hail the tiny offices and reclaimed closet spaces!







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  • Mindy Dearden says:

    Looks awesome, Sarah! It makes SUCH a huge difference to feel like you have your own space!
    I quit using our formal living room and dinning rooms as shrines to collect dust and reclaimed them as a scrapbook/homework/mom’s office space. Best. Idea. Ever.
    I’ll send you pics once it’s all finished. Right now the floor is bare and waiting for carpet ro be installed thus week. I can’t wait for it to all be finished!

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