The Many Styles of Sadie

The Many Styles of Sadie

I knew that when my Ethiopian-born daughter was old enough that I would need to tackle the hair situation. Situation meaning I am a white mama who has never done black hair. I knew that hair was going to be an enormous part of my mothering Sadie and I didn’t want to screw it up.

Flat threading for the faux cornrows and Senegalese twists into extensions. This is easy and fairly long lasting (4-6 weeks).

Enter YouTube.

I cannot tell you how many hours of YouTube black hair videos I have watched. Bless YouTube. Seriously. In particular, I watched and read Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care. It was enormously helpful.

Without further ado, here are some of the many simple styles I have done for Sadie. We usually aim for a protective style that is kind to her natural hair. Her hair is kinky and grows slowly. She loves having some length to her hair so enter EXTENSIONS. Extensions are another gift from God. Bless extensions.

Everything you see here was done by me. Yes, it is time consuming to do some of these styles but once you get the hang of it things move quickly. None of this is hard; it just takes practice.

This is some chunkier flat threading for the twists against her head with curly extensions woven in. I love the look of the curlies but these never last as long as I want them to. Four weeks tops.
This is all her own hair. I simply wound a thick thread around each sectioned piece to make a “coil” then added a bead at the end. Really simple. This lasts about a month with minimal clean up.


Another view of the same style above. I love this photo of me and my daughter.
Really LONG Senegalese twists with some hot pink woven in. These took forever and a day to braid.
Big hair don’t care; curlies for daaaaaaaays.



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