The 20 Most Unique Airbnb’s in the USA

The 20 Most Unique Airbnb’s in the USA

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Airbnb listings. I know, it’s random. But it fills me with so much JOY! I love searching for the most unique, interesting and eclectic places and then trying to build a trip around that location. Do you ever do that? After years and years of traveling and renting homes or apartments I have developed a real love for staying in a home as opposed to staying in a hotel (when possible). Staying in a home makes you feel instantly a part of the location you are “living” in. You aren’t just a tourist; now you are a local! If you are renting a home or an apartment there is a good chance that you will need to stop by a grocery store to get supplies for your kitchen, giving you another opportunity to see what life is really like in that location for a local. You get to really experience the flavor of a place and its people.

Recently I thought “I wonder if there is a great comprehensive list of some SUPER cool Airbnb’s to stay at in the US?”. I found several lists but they left me wanting…more? So, I compiled my own just for YOU!!!! This isn’t really a list of cool Airbnb’s in all 50 states but there are still a lot of locations to choose from. I plan to do a second list of international locations.

So without further ado, here are a bunch of my favorites (all properties I am highlighting will link directly to their listing IF the owner is still accepting reservations). In addition to the links, I have included several photos of each property. Happy browsing and trip planning!


Number 1: Coos Bay, Oregon. To begin our list, I am starting with one of my favorite properties we have ever stayed in: Below the Falls in Coos Bay, Oregon. We booked this home for our family about four years ago based on the photos alone. It sits along historic Glen Creek and is a treehouse. My favorite part was the 800 year old juniper tree spiral stair case and the hanging beds in the bedrooms. There are so many nooks and crannies to this home; it is by far the coolest Airbnb we have ever stayed in. Our kids STILL talk about it.

^^^800 year old tree in the center of the house!

Number 2: A 1920’s restored Spanish villa in Phoenix, AZ. Sleeps 8 guests in such a gorgeous setting. I have yet to spend time in Phoenix but this villa is making me want to take a trip…

Number 3: English garden cottage in Portland, OR. Sleeps only two guests but the charm factor is through the roof. If you can’t make it to the English countryside why not stay here in Portland at this jewelbox!

Number 4: This little earthen cottage fascinates me. It is located next to a large pond, again in Portland, OR and sleeps two guests in an incredibly cozy fashion. According to the listing, the cottage is a “curvilinear earthen structure hand sculpted from water, sand, straw, and clay earth. It features a radial roof with a central pagoda-like skylight”. Cool right? And different!

^^^Interior roof of the cob…

Number 5: Escape the rat race of LA (or anywhere for that matter) and head to a private bluff above Malibu, CA in this gorgeous Airstream. I remember seeing this in a story Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss shot for Vogue and WOW, this is a stunning property. Sleeps three and realize that you may never come home after staying here…

^^^I feel relaxed already…

Number 6: This property is located on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kealakekua Bay. We spent time on the Big Island in 2016 and I WISH I had known about this home; I would have stayed here for sure. Sleeps two guests in an ornate Bali inspired cottage. I am blown away by the furnishings and as a bonus, it is less than a two minute walk to the beach.

Number 7: This is one of the most unique properties I have ever seen. Behold…the Artist Mirrored House in Pittsburgh, PA. This is a large home that sleeps 10, is covered in mirrors and original artwork and I guarantee, is one of the most unusual places you may ever sleep. Personally, I find this place creatively inspiring and I would LOVE to stay there!

^^^Pittsburgh is looking mighty cool…

^^^That toilet is AMAZING

Number 8: This little beauty is a ‘silo’ cottage located in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Cozy, unusual and able to sleep two guests comfortably this property makes me want to visit the Berkshires!

^^^This looks straight out of a movie set!

Number 9: How about this for a storied pedigree: THIS is a studio once owned by great American writer John Steinbeck. Located in Pacific Grove, CA, the studio sleeps two guests and is fairly famous. If you have some writing to accomplish, this may be the ideal place to put down roots for a little while!

^^^So bright and cheerful!

Number 10: Now for something a little different: both floors of a modern glass tree house in Atlanta, GA. While it is located in a forest it is still only five minutes from downtown Atlanta. This home sleeps four guests comfortably with tons of natural light. If you are moved by modern (and aren’t afraid of a lot of glass) this may be the place for your Atlanta based accomodation.

^^^That is A LOT of glass…

Number 11: Have you been to Boston, MA? I have! I loved it! But I would have loved it even more if I had stayed in this historic old townhouse right in the center of the city. It is “tucked behind the hustle and bustle of Faneuil Hall, just off an original cobblestone alleyway”. Doesn’t that sound both perfectly charming AND perfectly located! This home sleeps six guests in 1600 square feet.

^^^Boston, you had me at twinkle lights against brick…

Number 12: One of my favorite destinations in to visit is Newport Beach, CA. Now imagine staying here along the Grand Canal of Balboa Island. This stunning ‘old world’ home has room for eight guests in 2200 square feet. This offering is on the expensive side but considering the beauty of Balboa Island, I would say it is worth it.

Number 13: Staying in a quintessential SOHO loft in NYC is a goal for many travelers. This property located right next to the Mercer Kitchen (where I once had some delicious truffle french fries) fits the bill for a cool NYC vibe. This home sleeps six guests comfortably with all of NYC right outside of your door.

^^^There is a bathroom located behind that huge stained glass window!

Number 14: To be honest, this listing in Greenwich Village, NYC is my favorite listing of all. Imagine your NYC time in an 1826 landmark carriage house able to sleep six people comfortably in 1800 square feet. I’m in! This property is GORGEOUS. And expensive. This place is unusually exquisite even for NYC.

^^^I am 100% ready to move in full time.

Number 15: If you are going to spend time in New Orleans, LA you MUST stay in the French Quarter. This gorgeous home sleeps three quests in about 1000 square feet and has both charm and space to spare.

Number 16: This romantic cottage is located in Park City, UT. It sleep three guests comfortably and is right off of Main Street, making it’s location perfect. I am especially enamored with the pretty blue kitchen.

Number 17: If you love tile and mosaic work than this home located in Twentynine Palms, CA near Joshua Tree National Park may be just for you. The Tile House is located in the desert and is an artistic labor of love that sleeps four guests. Staying here is like living in an art installation. As a bonus, Joshua Tree National Park is only 10 minutes away. Every photo in this listing had my full attention; it is stunning.

^^^I’ve GOT to visit this home someday…

Number 18: Here is another listing in Joshua Tree, although very different from the one listed above. The Dome in the Desert boasts a geodesic dome able to sleep four guests. This is both cozy and remote (owing to the desert location) and looks to be an incredible getaway from the stress of daily life.

Number 19: Have you ever stayed on a houseboat? How about a houseboat in Seattle, WA? The Right-On Rutabaga Houseboat has the advantage of an amazing location and a unique setting while being able to accommodate four guests comfortably.

Number 20: This listing has the unique distinction of being ranked the #1 Airbnb Most-Wished for listing worldwide. Located in Atlanta, GA, the Intown Treehouse is three rooms located across multiple trees and rope bridges. It is romantic, unusual and highly sought after. If you want to stay at this property, be prepared to book FAR in advance. This is one location that would be worth building an entire trip around.

^^^Alllllll of the heart eye emojis for this listing…

So there you have it! I could probably double or triple this list but that becomes a bit overwhelming for you the reader :). Have you stayed at an unusual or unique Airbnb before? Where was it? Did you like it? Tell me all about it; I am always looking for new recommendations!












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