Summer Sunflowers

Summer Sunflowers

One of my favorite things about living near Suisun Valley are the sunflowers that greet us each summer. Occupying a field near Rancho Solano, this years crop is no slouch in the “Gorgeous” department.

I really can’t get enough of them. I keep finding reasons to drive over by the field to take more and more photos. There are THOUSANDS of sunflowers in this field and they make my heart so so so happy. Today I brought my son Simon to take some photos and by the time we were finished he was grinning ear to ear. He even made one of his photos the screensaver on his phone.

^^^I hope this cute kid always stops to enjoy the flowers.
^^^That is a pretty happy looking field…

There were lots of bees buzzing around these lovelies but they wanted nothing to do with us so we navigated the flowers together with no problems. I have never really had a ‘favorite’ flower but have now decided that I need to update that. My NEW favorite flower of all time is the sunflower. Yes. I feel very good about that.

If you are Bay Area or Solano County local, this field is located on Mankas Corner Road near Rancho Solano. It is worth a stop to visit and appreciate.




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