Small Squares – November 2017

Small Squares – November 2017

I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature on here called “Small Squares”. I realized that I take approximately 3417 photos a month (slight exaggeration but you get the picture) and so much of my life never makes it into the small squares of Instagram or this blog. 99% of these photos are taken on my iPhone; most are precious or funny or just plain captured life that month and I wanted a place for them to land. Hence, welcome to Small Squares! Here are a few photos and moments over the past month that you may not have already seen…

^^^Sophie’s cousin Liz took this while we were at the Lodge over Thanksgiving and I love it.
^^^On our way home from Simon’s sub sectional XC meet (which he won, by the way!) and the sky was gorgeous…
^^^Freshly colored hairs and a shirt that I now regret not buying…
^^^Sam and I celebrated some good work news at our favorite restaurant (Bull Valley Roadhouse) and then collected dinner at the bakery next door.
^^^Dry Creek Goods in Sonoma never disappoints with their holiday displays…
^^^Me and Sam at Simon’s sports banquet where we were feeling like “How the heck do we have a kid in high school” basically all night.
^^^They refer to each other as twins (they are actually 19 months apart) and I sometimes do not disagree…

^^^Simon and his coaches at the sports banquet
^^^Copperopolis at dusk.
^^^My people after the Davis Turkey Trot the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned next month for another edition of Small Squares! See you then!



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