Small Squares – January 2018

Small Squares – January 2018

Here is a batch of what life has been like in January around here. There is something really refreshing about taking down all of the Christmas decorations, cleaning out the closets and just PREPPING for the new year in earnest. My big project in January was redoing my closet. By redoing I mean I 1) cleaned it and 2) organized it. I also added in some new shelving and dividers (link here to see what I bought – these are genius) so now I am feeling like I can handle whatever 2018 has to throw at me…at least from a clothing closet perspective. Hope that the first month of the new year has been good to you! Enjoy our random pics below…

I was already obsessed with my Fitbit Alta band but once I put my new French Bull band on, forget about it. Beyond obsessed. It’s so me, right?!

Sam and I went on a date night to the new Veranda shopping complex in Concord. The highlight of the evening was a movie at the new and ultra plush Luxe Cinema and IMAX. Leather reclining seats with attached tables, reserved seating and a full menu of drinks, food and snacks that waiters will bring to your seat throughout the show. Each seat has a button to summon the waiter. Is this even real life?! We ordered hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookies and sodas (the sodas were refillable and served in actual glasses and we may have abused the refill situation…) and now THIS is the only place I want to see a movie. FOR REAL. Coat from Anthropologie.
I am the only one in my family who likes these sunglasses.
This was the sunrise one morning as I took my kids to school. Just an average day with the most SPECTACULAR sunrise ever.
Me cuddling up to my very first latch hooking project: a pillow made in the boucheroite Moroccan style that I love so much. BONUS: it is super fluffy and cozy.
Behold, my precious pillow. I’m officially addicted to this stuff now. Most of the yarn was from Lion Brand and purchased at Michaels.
I installed Havana mambo 8″ twists into Sadie’s hair. She looked adorable, although I will not be ordering these particular twists again (poor quality); next time we will use another brand.
I purchased this epic print of Oprah and a quote from her Golden Globes speech from my favorite illustrator Sophie & Lili. This artist is so very talented; check out her work!
Freshly colored hair! The days I get my hair colored (which is every five weeks, by the way. Being a redhead is quite a bit of work…) I never actually go anywhere other than carpool lanes. That is such a shame because those are the rare days when my hair looks amazing! So I had to document it.

I bought two rugs for the house this month. The one in the first photo was found at Home Goods and sits in our foyer. The one pictured above is from Cost Plus World Market and is for our new master bathroom. As soon as I unrolled it I burst into a huge smile and tossed it into my cart. Shoes from Target are these…and they are the most comfortable shoes I currently own.
Sophie and her new romper from Target :). She is just a little happy about it.
Sam commissioned an artist through Uncommon Goods for this special gift commemorating our 20th wedding anniversary. It is called “Love Will Find a Way” and you can find one for yourself here
I made a bunch of premade smoothie bags for the freezer so we can grab and throw one in the blender. That’s tumeric and ginger sprinkled on top. The consensus from the family was that there was TOO MUCH tumeric in these bags!!!

I’m still making pompoms. What’s new πŸ™‚
We are in the midst of planning our next international adventure for 2019: Japan and South Korea. Finally a chance to use all of that Japanese I studied in college and used for work a million years ago!

That’s all for now. See you back here at the end of February for more Small Squares.







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