Small Squares – December 2017

Small Squares – December 2017

December lived up to it hype as BUSY and FUN. There were times I felt a little stretched thin with all of the holiday-ing but honestly it was all worth it and truly enjoyable.

I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature on here called “Small Squares”. I realized that I take approximately 3417 photos a month (slight exaggeration but you get the picture) and so much of my life never makes it into the small squares of Instagram or this blog. 99% of these photos are taken on my iPhone; most are precious or funny or just plain captured life that month and I wanted a place for them to land. Hence, welcome to Small Squares! Here are a few photos and moments over the month of December that you may not have already seen…

^^^The ombre bottlebrush trees from Target are EVERYTHING…


^^^The Oakland LDS Temple all lit up for Christmas is always a favorite site of ours during the holidays.

^^^Simon and Sophie with their friends Tommy and Kira Lewis in Utah. We legit said to the kids, “Just stand together in front of the Christmas tree”. I took like 20 photos and never got a decent one because teenagers are craaaaaaaaaaaaazy.
^^^And here are the parents of those crazy teenagers…We have been friends with Tom and Krista Lewis for like15 or 16 years since our NYC days. We love seeing them when we are in Utah.
^^^Our stockings from Free People. Sadie’s is the smaller black stocking and every year I give her the option to put up a larger stocking (more room for stuff from Santa, right?!) and every year she still chooses this one πŸ™‚
^^^The Tree of Life in Draper is a family tradition to go see each Christmas. It is freezing cold every single time we go, and we vow never to do it again…and then we go see it every single year because we FORGET how cold it actually gets…
^^^The four kids in Temple Square, Salt Lake City.
^^^Sadie bought this coat for herself with her Christmas money. This photo does not do it justice; it is literally SHIMMERING BRIGHT rose gold. It is perhaps the most spectacular coat in the history of EVER.
^^^Sophie and Uncle Ken. Uncle Ken is my favorite person in the whole world. I am so glad that we are family; he inspires me each time I get to visit with him. He is 90 years old and still drives down from Canada to Utah each Christmas.
^^^We gave Sam’s mom a car for Christmas. It was truly one of those awesome moments in life to see her so excited.
^^^When your 5’8″ 15 year old is rocking his Christmas onesie πŸ™‚
^^^I have no idea why Sam’s mom is laughing SO hard in this photo but I love it. It cracks me up!

^^^My rockstar niece who beat back two open heart surgeries in 2017. This little girl is such a blessing and a trooper. We love Alice!
^^^Over Christmas in Utah I fell in love with latch hooking. Obsessed would be a better term for it, actually…This is a pillow that is currently in the works for our sofa.
^^^This is the tastiest burger I have ever had. It is from Cubby’s and is called the Colonel. Think onions, chips, wasabi, cheese, bacon, butter lettuce…and the actual burger. Mmmmmmm
^^^Sophie and me on Christmas Eve.
^^^My parents bought me a Fitbit Alta for Christmas and then Sam bought me a French Bull strap for it. I’ve been in love with French Bull for a zillion years and now I wear this on my arm 24/7 so basically I am a happy girl.
^^^The Salt Lake Temple in all of its winter glory.

^^^I finally went to Waffle Love and now I understand all of the hype. Although it was so rich I could not finish mine…
^^^Sadie, Sam and Sophie downtown Salt Lake.
^^^Our family at the Visitor Center of the Salt Lake Temple. The sun was beaming directly on us and was so bright we could hardly keep our eyes open!
^^^The Light the World vending machines in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Salt Lake City.

That about sums up most of December and certainly most of our trip in Utah. Stay tuned for more Small Squares in January!


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