Powder Room Makeover!

Powder Room Makeover!
^^^Fabric letters from Michaels, distressed wood wallpaper from Target, plants and blue tins from Ikea, hand towels from Cost Plus World Market, and pompoms made by me!

Our downstairs powder room has been sorely neglected for many years. We originally painted it red to match the red walls of our kitchen (this bathroom is just off of the kitchen), but now that the kitchen is no longer red it just didn’t flow as well to have a red bathroom. The room just felt really small and really dark. Not the most welcoming environment for guests or let’s face it, the people who live in my house full time :). Here are a few photos of the original situation:


See what I mean? Dark. Lots of weird angles. Unloved. OK, maybe I am going a bit far with the unloved declaration but you get the drift. This was not going to be a bathroom “remodel” since I was not able to pull up flooring, install a new sink, etc. This makeover was going to be purely paint and decor. With a trip to Home Depot for some bright white semi-gloss paint, Target for their always on point wall paper and a combination of Michaels, Ikea and Cost Plus World Market here is what the new powder room looks like:

^^^I bought an antique flour feed sack a few years ago and framed it for this bathroom. I then did a simple water color wash on the white mat to dress it up a bit.
^^^This gorgeous rug from Cost Plus World Market, my favorite spot to buy rugs

My bathroom project took one evening after kids were in bed (roughly two hours) and then about four hours on the weekend. It took three coats of paint to cover up the red and honestly, in certain light I still feel like I can see red peaking through. But it may be my mind playing tricks on me. Who knows. I used a little more than half a gallon of paint in here. It’s a small room, but like I said, it took three coats. I also took a some white paint on a dry brush and brushed it over the distressed wood wallpaper so that I could get more of the effect I was looking for. I also changed out the toilet seat which was broken and hey, who doesn’t like a brand new toilet seat?! Amiright???

This whole room glows much brighter now. The accessories POP because they don’t have to compete with such a saturated wall color. The powder room has become a room we actually enjoy being in!

If you want to tackle a small project, you can never go wrong with a powder room refresh. Go for it!


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