Pacifica Beach

Pacifica Beach

We are in the countdown to the last days of summer. The beginning of the new school year kind of signifies the end of summer fun around here. Insert sad face…but also, kind of a happy face as this mom is ready for her children to be back in school??  Conflicting emotions around these parts; I am certain most moms out there are feeling the same gamut of emotions. Anyway, we decided that we needed a beach day before school started. We headed to Pacifica Beach with the Clawsons and made sure to celebrate Ruth’s birthday while we were at it. We ended up staying nearly all day at the beach. It was perfectly relaxing.

^^^These are happy toes.

It was a high of about 68 degrees at the beach but thankfully the sun kept breaking through the clouds and fog (I have the sunburnt face to show for it) so it never felt cold. We brought lots of food, a cake for Ruth and then we hit Taco Bell (Pacifica is the best because Taco Bell is RIGHT on the beach) to fill in the gaps when our stomachs needed more. There was lots of wave chasing, leg burying in the sand, shell and sea glass collecting, talking and of course eating. What is a beach day without food?

^^^Bucket O’Cake
^^^Sophie and Liz

^^^Cali girl.

Another successful beach day in the books. NOW school can begin :).






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