Misty Morning Green Valley

Misty Morning Green Valley

A few days ago we enjoyed a very out-of-season rainy morning. Just a little more than a mist but those moody cloudy skies absolutely made my morning. I pulled my car over next to my favorite neighborhood vineyard and took a few photos.

I used to run. A lot. I have run along Green Valley road hundreds of times, looking at this gorgeous scenery.

Sadly, I can’t run now and may not be running much at all in the future. My Lupus and RA has been kicking my butt for all of 2017. Having a chronic, long term illness is something I am usually able to handle just fine but lately it has been a lot harder for me to deal with.  I have been incredibly frustrated and saddened that I can’t run; I’ve actually been surprised by how upset I have been. But on THIS day, with the misty rain and overcast skies and green vineyards I finally felt whole again. I walked around, took some photos, closed my eyes and threw back my head and just breathed in this whole beautiful area that we live in.

This place is healing for me. Thank goodness for rain and stormy skies and vineyards and space. And thank goodness I live in a place where I can have all of those wonderful things.

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