Metal Stamping with Anthropologie & Co.

Metal Stamping with Anthropologie & Co.

I recently had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Anthropologie & Co. in Walnut Creek and Bay Area artist Leslie Westphal.

^^^My completed creations: two to be used as spoons and two that will be used as stakes.

We learned how to stamp onto metal, something I had always wanted to learn. First off, attending a workshop at any Anthropologie location but ESPECIALLY at Anthropologie & Co. is always a treat. You are surrounded by saturated colors and texture, heaps of inspiration and the aromas of the best candles around (Capri Blue is my favorite). Add learning a new skill with friendly, talented people and BOOM! You’re going to have a few hours of fun, guaranteed.

^^^This is the example we were aiming for

Our workshop tables were laid out with everything we would need to learn to stamp onto metal.

There were several trays of metal letter stamps, hammers, SUPER heavy steel blocks (to lay the object that you are stamping on while you stamp), polishing cloths and leather. We were gifted several solid silver spoons, some that were pre-flattened and some that were still in their original spoon shape. Leslie took us through the basics and gave encouraging tips as we banged away. It was a very LOUD workshop! I’m sure shoppers were curious about where all of that noise was coming from!

^^^Practicing setting my letters on our test leather.

^^^Alright, I will eat!

One of the important things you must do when stamping is get some good, strong hits with the hammer so that your letter indents fully and cleanly. Once you have all of your lettering stamped, you then fill in the grooves with black Sharpie (or any other Sharpie color you may want) and then use a polishing cloth to take off any of the excess. Having that marker fill in the stamp really makes the lettering pop. If you’ve gone to the trouble to stamp a word into metal, it is worth the time to darken it so that everyone can see it!

^^^I enjoyed making my “Special Food” stake the most.

I was so excited about learning this new skill that I was researching metal letter stamp kits WHILE sitting in the workshop! Stamping may become my new labeling system!

Also, Leslie was super sweet. Check out her website if you have a chance; our local Anthropologie & Co. carries her work in their Walnut Creek location.

Cheers and happy stamping!







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