Gulliver’s Gate: A World of Miniatures

Gulliver’s Gate: A World of Miniatures

Full disclosure: I am obsessed with anything in miniature. Some of my favorite Instagram accounts are of miniature artists and I CANNOT get enough. So imagine my excitement when I discovered Gulliver’s Gate in my news feed this week. When I hopped over to Gulliver’s Gate associated Instagram account, that was it and I was HOOKED.

In short (and according to the website), Gulliver’s Gate is located in Times Square and at a full city block wide, is an interactive and immersive world of miniatures showcasing different cities around the world. It’s also an expensive tourist new attraction, bounding in at $40 million.

The goal of Gulliver’s Gate is to show the vingettes from around the world at 1/87th scale. In order to create this exhibit, model makers have used laser cutting, CNC milling, 3D printing and good old fashioned handwork to create  300 miniature scenes depicting 50 countries. Famous landmarks in the NYC scenes include the Empire State Building to Central Park to Grand Central Station and even Chelsea Piers. Within these famous NYC sites you can spot people in hotel windows, street scenes with a favorite deli, even trapeze artists! My two favorite photos of the exhibit show Times Square with the TKTS steps and Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon floats.

^^^My favorite!

Not to be outdone by NYC, there are many many depictions of life in other countries and their respective landmarks.

Check out Moscow:

Or Italy:

Or the Taj Mahal:

Right?! Just looking at this images makes me crazy inside! I SO wish I could go to NYC right now and see it. So please, go see it and enjoy it for me? Tickets aren’t cheap ($36 for adults and $27 for children) but I think it is worth it.  For a little more information and tips on your visit go here. Enjoy viewing our world in miniature!






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