First Day of School

First Day of School

What the heck happened to summer??? How did it fly by so quickly? We have a busy household of six people and we traveled/summered/played pretty hard. Bedtimes were suuuuper lax, meals were eaten on the go or cobbled together with what was around the house, friends streamed in and out of the house and backyard and neighborhood, trips were taken, pools were splashed in, beaches were visited, races were run, fairs and movies attended, adventures were had. It was a full summer and we soaked up every minute.

And now…it is back to the daily grind. The school schedule. The after school schedule. The packing lunches. The homework folders and agendas and tests to study for and projects and reports and papers and reading logs and and and and…the WHOLE THING.

^^^Me and my HIGH SCHOOL KID! What?!

^^^Third Graders!

The good news is that the kids are all excited. Simon is in high school this year, which is a big adjustment for all of us. I hardly know my way around the high school or even how to get him there (Thank you carpool. A thousand times, thank you). Then Sophie with 8th grade and the younger two with 3rd grade (and in the same class for the first time ever) and BOOM there you have it. Four kids in three schools with extensive early morning and after school commitments for the older two. I have a feeling this school year is going to feel like a giant race. But like I said, they are all excited about what lies ahead and I am grateful that we are able to help make good things happen for them.

As I sit here now at the end of the first day of school, with my kids tucked in bed and their first day experiences behind them, I can honestly say that YES, now I am ready for the new year. The first day (or week) always has a bunch of kinks to work out. There were new carpools and routes and schools and teachers and friends and classes today. Tomorrow it will all feel much more normal. Goodnight, kiddos. I’m glad that tomorrow will not be as crazy as today felt :).




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