Dixon May Fair

Dixon May Fair

It has been over ten years since we last went to the Dixon May Fair. The last time we went I essentially had two babies (Sophie wasn’t even one yet) and I remember it being hot and stressful with the double stroller and tired babies who needed naps. Every May when the fair rolls around, Sam and I look at each other and ask “Should we go this year?”. We ALWAYS mean to and it just NEVER happens.

Until this year…

I guess 2017 was enough of a passage of time to go again? I don’t know what it was but man oh MAN we had a really fun night. We went with our friends/family the Clawsons. We ate all of the food we could get our hands on, put kids on all of the scary rides, looked at all of the animals and in general had a fabulous time. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and the crowds on a Thursday night were very small (it gets crazy on the weekend). It feels about as wholesome and safe as you could hope for with your family,which is something of a rarity these days.

^^^These garlic fries were good. Sebastian and Sam ate most of them…

I believe the total list of what our family consumed was limeade, a giant turkey leg, two funnel cakes (chocolate and salted carmel), large salted pretzel, orange chicken with rice, a giant fruit cup (by far the healthiest thing eaten all night), fish tacos, chow main, a bucket of mini donuts, tri tip, pizza, corn dogs, shave ice, sodas and candy. I may be forgetting some other things. It was food truck/carnival heaven and we indulged mightily.

^^^All hail the hot mini donuts!

^^^We were blessed with blue skies and cool breezes. It was PERFECT.

Sophie decided to get a henna tattoo from one of the booths. Apparently this graphic is called “Spiral of Life”?? Part of it smeared during all of our fun at the fair but she didn’t seem to mind much.

Ruth is the only one of us who ate something healthy. I felt that it needed to be documented!

These crazy kids LOVED the ride Area 51. It was an incredibly sketchy looking spinning contraption that they all couldn’t get enough of. We are glad that they survived. Here is a link to the ride (not taken by our group but same ride).

Multiple corn dogs were consumed. I wish I had gotten photos of the funnel cake but we ate them too quickly!

^^^I’m not sure what Steve is laughing about here but I love this picture of him and Sam.

Dixon May Fair, you were absolutely perfect. We will be back next year. For real!











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