Day at Muir Woods and Muir Beach

Day at Muir Woods and Muir Beach
The Stubbert and Lundell families at Muir Woods

This past week one of my best friends and her family visited from Southern California. I don’t get to see her often enough so it was exciting. PLUS – neither she nor her kids had ever been to Muir Woods. Muir Woods and Muir Beach are two of my favorite areas of the Bay Area so I was more than happy to play tour guide. We set off early in the day for a hiking/beach adventure with our collective eight kids ranging from age 5 to nearly 14.


We walked a short way on the raised boardwalk and then decided on a side trail that climbed about two miles to the “top”. It was not a difficult climb; just felt a little long at times especially for the younger kids. Luckily, Carrie had plenty of snacks!

These coastal redwoods are gorgeous and HUGE.
Sadie the redwood trekker
The crew of kids. Some are smiling…some not so much.
The weather was perfect (in the low 60’s) and the walk back down went quickly. Once we made our ways back to our cars, we ate some lunch and then headed over to our favorite Bay Area beach, Muir Beach.
Simon and a new friend…

It was a bit overcast (which is not unusual in these parts) but there wasn’t much wind and the temperature was comfortable. A few of the kids braved the cold cold cold water. Most of us played among the rocks searching for crabs and creatures.

See my hat? Carrie is one of the owners of the fabulous Sparkle Athletic. She knew that I was over the moon for their new trucker hat and gifted me one when she visited. Like it? Go and get one here! I wear it almost every single day. No joke.


The kids “burying” Simon. I promise he loved it πŸ™‚


California girls


After getting home, showering, and dinnering (is that even a word?) we put some of the little kids to bed and had a game night with our friends the Clawsons.


It was a fun last adventure before school started.











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