A Weekend with Anthropologie…

A Weekend with Anthropologie…

I was fortunate to work with Anthropologie this past week. I did a weekend takeover of the Walnut Creek Anthropologie and Company Instagram account and had a blast. I first discovered Anthropologie back in 2002 in NYC it has been my favorite store ever since. Truly. If there was only one place I could shop Anthro would win hands down.

The takeover was kind of a day-in-the-life of…me! I was able to showcase the beautiful area that we live in as well as a few of my kids. We ended up only using a few photos for Instagram but I had SO many that I loved – here are more of my favorite ones. I have linked to the pieces I was wearing/using in post below :).

^^^This gorgeous throw is the Nikea Blanket and it is as warm as it is beautiful. Plus anything with tassels has my heart.

This Tatum blue tunic was one of my favorite pieces of the current collection. It is so comfortable and is easy to dress up or down depending on your needs. My talented niece Elizabeth took all of the blue tunic photos :).

^^^With my niece Emma.

^^^ Clearing dishes after dinner with Sophie and Ruth.

Sam and I spent some time at Larry’s Produce in the flower fields for this next piece. In these photos I am wearing the Fluttered Tunic Dress; I fell in love with the sleeves! It lays beautifully and was really comfortable to wear. The tunic is worn over Pilcro Hyphen Relaxed Jeans…which are now my new favorite jeans of all time. Usually I am partial to my True Religion jeans but THESE are so comfy and look great. I am now a convert :). Also, Sam took these flower photos and I love them; he did a great job with these.



^^^Flower fields FOREVER.

I spent some time with Sadie out at our favorite Glashoff Sculpture Ranch, site of many school field trips, art events and all around place of creative inspiration. My niece Elizabeth again took these photos.

Here I am wearing the Strada Tunic over Pilcro Jeans. The tunic is a GREAT piece for fall; super loose and comfortable and great over jeans. Sadie was super excited to be back at the sculpture garden again.

^^^I love this photo of Sadie and me.

It was HOT at Glashoff the day we shot these photos and not gonna lie, I was happy to strip these gorgeous clothes off! Perfect for fall…not so much in 92 degrees!

^^^Such fun pillows…

We took a few photos at home; Sadie decided to read to me for these shots. These pillows from Anthropologie are pretty awesome; the Palace Portrait one was my favorite. Also, they went perfectly with our living room decor!

These photos were my absolute favorite; Elizabeth took these one night along Green Valley Road. We had what I like to call “magic light” and it was perfect. In these photos I am wearing a gorgeous for fall dress over a shirt and pants, again from Anthropologie. Those pants are SO crazy comfortable I could live in them every single day.

It was a blast working with Walnut Creek Anthropologie and Company, spending time in my favorite places with my favorite people IN my favorite clothes. Thank you Anthropologie!











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